The Board of Directors of the ACLMC is a group of Labor and Management advocates who volunteer their time each year to plan and deliver a conference that is intended to serve members of the Labor-Management community and their respective organizations.

Each year we host participants from various Companies, Labor Unions, government entities, academia, and “neutrals” (arbitrators, consultants, mediators, etc.) who attend for the purposes of learning more about the profession and the field of Labor-Management relations and enjoying themselves in a friendly and entertaining environment.

Our mission is first and foremost to serve you, the Labor-Management community in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia by providing an annual Conference that is:

  • educational
  • entertaining
  • non-political
  • inexpensive
  • non-adversarial

We strive every year to have an agenda that appeals to both Labor and Management and that allows a free-flow of dialogue and discussion about current issues and problems that face all of us in the workplace.

Based on our belief that Labor and Management advocates can actually add value to an organization through the collective bargaining relationship, our Conference tries to focus on joint collaborative processes and systems that will enable practitioners to improve the way in which they conduct business in the workplace.

Our mission is also to provide you with an environment in which you can learn and grow as an individual as well as a forum that allows you to “take away” some experience that you can carry back with you for the purpose of improving your organization.